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2 Day Freediving Workshop with Nik Linder (STA, DYN, DNF, CWT, Pranayama & Relaqua)

  • Beginnt am: 1. Juni
  • 385 Euro
  • Esch-sur-Sûre

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Course Description: 2-Day Freediving Workshop (Level 1 Certification Required) Welcome to the 2-day Level 1 Freediving Workshop with Nik LINDER (multiple word record holder in Freediving)! This workshop is specifically designed for individuals who have already obtained at least a Level 1 certification in freediving and are looking to further enhance their skills and knowledge in the sport. Over the course of two days, you will dive deeper into various aspects of freediving, refining your techniques and expanding your underwater capabilities. Sat. 30st September Day 1(Location CENTRE OA6 Oberfeulen): 1. Static Apnea(STA): This session will further develop your static apnea skills. You will practice advanced breath-hold techniques, relaxation methods, and mental preparation to increase your breath-holding capacity and extend your static apnea times. Attention will also be given to refining your relaxation and mental focus during static breath holds. 2. Pranayama: Building upon your existing knowledge of pranayama techniques, this workshop will introduce more advanced breath control exercises specific to freediving. These exercises will help you regulate your breath, increase lung capacity, and develop greater control over your body and mind while diving deeper. 3. Relaqua: This session will further refine your relaxation techniques. You will learn advanced methods to achieve a state of deep relaxation while freediving, optimizing energy consumption and improving overall performance. Sun 1st October Day 2 (location NORDPOOL Colmar-Berg) & Lultzhausen : 1. Dynamic (DYN, DNF): On the second day, we will focus on dynamic freediving techniques. You will refine your swimming efficiency and work on improving your distance and speed underwater. Through dynamic freediving exercises, you will enhance your ability to cover distances while maintaining control and conserving energy. 2. Deeepdiving (CWT): In the afternoon, we will focus on deep diving techniques. You will learn advanced skills required for descending to greater depths safely and efficiently. Techniques such as equalization, body positioning, finning, and managing buoyancy will be covered, enabling you to explore the underwater world at greater depths with confidence and control. 3. BBQ if the weather is generous MIN 10 participants MAX 20 participants

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  • Lultzhausen Esch-sur-Sûre, Luxembourg

    +352 621 237 404

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